**USED** 40kg - Black Series Kettlebell

  • The Black Series Kettlebell: 
    The Most Perfectly Crafted Kettlebell Ever Made.

    Precision crafted, designed and tailored to suit those who prefer only the very best in strength training equipment. The Black Series is made from premium iron ore and our unique casting process ensures a void and seam free surface on the handle, whilst cast as one solid piece.

    Flawless Cast Iron Design.

    We love the traditional feel of cast iron kettlebells, but we know that trainers, coaches and gym owners need to be able to identify weights quickly. So, with that in mind, all black series handles (up to 44kg) are colour coded for ease of use.

    Combine that with a wide, flat machine base, designed for people who just love doing renegade rows, we have created the most stable Kettlebell ever created.

    And with the Matte black powder coat finish, you just won’t find a better Kettlebell that holds chalk.

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